company culture

Worship the world's famous teachers; gather the Quartet;

Our core philosophy
Working philosophy: It is a trick to practice the simple method to the extreme;
Sales philosophy: Customers not only buy our products, but also buy our products;
Service concept: customer-centered, service with love;
Entrepreneurial concept: Hardship is a compulsory course for successful people;
Development philosophy: sacrifice the self, complete the big me;
Survival concept: the target is engraved on the steel plate, and the method is engraved on the beach;
Employing the concept: excellent talents are assets, and mediocre talents are liabilities;
Salary concept: there are rewards for results, and no results are a shame;
Management philosophy: light wealth is enough to gather people, the amount is wide enough to win people, the body is enough to lead people, the law is enough to serve people.
Our work guidelines
1. Absolute obedience, uncompromising, immediate execution, 2, unity, seeking truth from facts,
3, optimistic and positive, focus on the positive, cut off the negative 4, be serious and responsible, keep the promise, provide results

【Our vision】

Worship the world's famous teachers; gather the Quartet;

【Our mission】

Save resources for the country; create wealth for the society; build a platform for building members to realize the value of life

【Our goal】

Create a competitive and superior industrial team in China; make Dongling a national brand enterprise

【Our aim】

Create benefits for customers; create wealth for employees; create profits for shareholders

【our perspective】

Customer: Control costs and save resources

Grateful: Be a grateful person and win respect with love

Responsibility: Responsible for yourself, responsible for the company, responsible for the society

Integrity: Honest and trustworthy, win the world


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