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The chimney is the highest point of the house and is constantly being exposed to rain, snow and various storms hitting it from all sides. In addition, it suffers considerable strain due to heating from the inside gases produced by burning household and cooling the outside, exposed to the weather.

It is usually noticeable at first glance the effects of their situation: erosion, falling plaster, cracks and perhaps loose bricks in the mouth.

The repair of the chimney is not difficult. Begin by rebuilding the mouth, with a layer of concrete 8 to 10 inches thick.

The formwork:

First we make a casing with four tables supported on the edges of the masonry, or above the roof surface, if we give the form of a truncated pyramid, toronto roof repair can stand alone, and have the additional advantage that a single transaction is structure and surface slope required. Within the smoke tube is introduced also other molds protruding about 10 inches above the masonry.

To reinforce the concrete must be placed inside the formwork ring round steel rod, 6 or 8 mm in diameter. This effort does not preclude the possibility of future cracks, but it ensures the unity of the concrete layer. Neither would be wrong to introduce short vertical round steel nails driven into the joints of bricks, provided they are not loose.

If the first course loose, should be removed before replacing it with cement mortar.

The preparation of the concrete is dry mixing one part cement and four gravel, then wet everything in moderation.

After preparing the base and placed the iron and the form, we all get wet, pour concrete and tamp well. After seven or eight hours when the material began to set, carefully remove the casing, re-wet the sides and the alders.

Consider now the rest of the fireplace. If we find that the plaster is loose or broken, we renew it immediately, otherwise you run the risk that a loose piece of roof covering damage 0 may hurt someone. Do not underestimate the power of the wind! Moreover, any place jumped allows rainwater to penetrate, soak the masonry and damage to the deposition of soot.

The roof

Check now the junction with the roof deck. The usual zinc skirt is attached to a ribbon, zinc also introduced in the masonry. The joint between the masonry and brick veneer should be seen in completely airtight, otherwise the water will enter through the crack into the house. If the joint is badly done, which is very frequent, repeated expansion and contraction of metal end up destroying it, and the mortar is loose and falls off.

In these cases we must eliminate all traces of the filling and fill the joint with a suitable material as a paste or a bituminous fiber putty soft elastic that retains its elasticity. Although our board is not very aesthetic lack of practice, it will indeed waterproof, and that’s important.

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