GIA Lai Specialties Offer Varieties of Tea From Asia

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GIA LAIA Specialties are created with the idea to provide a wide range of specialty teas, coffee blends and accessories for consumers. GIA is a company dedicated to offering the highest quality in tea, coffee and specialized drink items. GIA is based out of Portland, Oregon and was started in 1979 by David Traylor. It is today one of the leading manufacturers of tea accessories in the world. They are known for providing top-quality products to cong dung cua mat ong businesses and corporations as well as retail stores.

GIA offers a variety of products for consumers to purchase such as: loose leaf teas, infusions, jasmine tea, and specialty teas such as the Lemon Chamomile. They also have a wide selection of teas and accessories for those who prefer them such as tea pots, tea carts, and travel bags. These items make delicious gifts or wonderful collectibles. GIA also has a large selection of teas and accessories for those who enjoy the beverage but prefer not to brew their own. They offer Rooibos and other herbal teas that are grown in greenhouses.

GIA LAI is known for the use of organic fair trade tea that has been grown in Indonesia. The products are carefully picked and the production process does not use chemicals or pesticides. They are proud to offer consumers all types of tea including: white, green, black, Oolong and Pu-erh. Each has its own unique flavor and many blends of more than one type of tea. Some of their other offerings include: flavored loose leaf tea, green tea, Pu-erh teas, and flavored green tea, all of which are free of caffeine.

GIA LAI also offers a large variety of teas for those who prefer a different flavor such as green tea or Chai. This can be achieved by ordering a variety of loose leaf teas that can be chosen in any flavor combination that you desire. You can also choose from fruit flavors such as lemon or orange. Many of their teas are also certified gluten-free.

GIA LAI specialties also offer a wide variety of other products such as flavored loose green teas, flavored white tea, non-bitter green and non-bitter black teas, non-caffeinated green and non-caffeinated black teas, and flavored Oolong teas. These can be found in flavors such as mango, raspberry, blueberry, and cherry. They also offer several other products such as ice teas, tea infusers, tea bags, and flavored gel candles. All of these are made with organic or organically grown tea leaves and other natural ingredients. They also have many delicious teas such as: peach cobbler, banana split, blackberry gingerbread, and lemon poppyseed tisanes. Along with these you will also find many specialty teas such as: scented soy chai, double chocolate fudge, and strawberry shortcake.

For those that are looking for a truly unique experience, GIA LAI specialties also offers teas that have been made with Japanese tea leaves with unique flavor combinations. Some of these include: sugar cookies, lemon cakes, and sweet caramel teas. All of the teas that are offered are made with all natural organic ingredients. Many of them are offered in gift boxes or gift baskets. If you are looking for an exotic tea that will enhance your experience, there is no better choice than GIA LAI.

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